Hi All! I'm Ferret!

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Hi All! I'm Ferret!

Postby FerretJAcK » Sat Oct 08, 2016 4:14 am

Hey everyone!

You might know me as Ferret or Joy. Well I am one of the owners of MidKnightcraft! I am excited to see how much we have archived and are still achieving. Within the last two month I have been able to get a ton of work done. Not only backend wise, but actual servers too. I've gotten the MyZ server up with help from creeper430 as well and the new Slime Fun server that we just put up today!

This has been an amazing time and we look forward to everyone having the time of their Minecraft lives!

So a little about me?


I have a Diploma in Digital Design and just started to go for my BA in teaching grades K-8th.
I am a self taught graphic, web, and digital designer. I just took classes for digital design to get the diploma.
I am a self taught artist as well. I do digital art, pencil drawings and painting is by far my three favorite styles.
I dabble in tons of different arts, including basket making, clay, and more.
I am an animal lover and have Dogs, Ferrets, and Birds.
I am 30 going on 17 years old. Don't get me wrong... if you anger me I will be 30 going crazy on you. :lol:
So yeah MidKnightCraft is my baby, hobby, and life. So if you respect me and my team...
We will respect you!

If you want to know anymore feel free to ask me.


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