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Introduction for new users

Postby nikitis » Fri Oct 07, 2016 10:41 am

Welcome new users! We are providing an introduction so you can gain an understanding of what we are, and what we have to offer you.

We are a Minecraft Community.

We offer the following Minecraft Server types:
Acid Island
Grief Me
Hardcore (Vanilla style with 45 min Ban on Death and mob difficulty turned up.)
Myz (Zombie Survival)
Redstone Minigames (Tic Tac Toe, etc.)
Slime Fun

These are some to start. We plan to add more, and some will be seasonal.

To join, point your Minecraft Launcher to server address:

You can join any of these servers through portals in-game. We are a BungeeCord server farm. We've invested lots of money on top of the line server hardware. 32 cores, 128 GB's DDR 4 ECC Buffer RAM.

If you have any questions, feel free to speak to any of our Administrators or Moderators In-Game.

Thanks for playing at MidKnightCraft!

History of

Some of us originally came from ObsidianCraft a long time ago. We broke off to begin our own Minecraft Server equal to them. We began AnnoCraft, owned by AnnoDominiJB, and designed by nikitis. Eventually we brought on s0lipsism and forked to become Minecraft Cubed or MC3 for short, also designed by nikitis. 4 years later interest waned and we forked again into Palmettolan was also designed by nikitis. Since nikitis has designed several server farms in the past, he decided to go his own and take over the community and also run it. Shortly after, we met someone who wanted to start a Minecraft Server similar to ours. TheFlyingFerret. nikitis had finally met someone who had a similar drive and skill to develop Minecraft servers as much as he did, so we figured joining forces would help re-invigorate the server and players, and we've put a lot of Time and Money re-designing the server and adding an all new website with forums. Half of the servers were designed by nikitis and the other half TheFlyingFerret as well as some designed together. New players are always also joining. Come be a part of a great history in the Minecraft Community, and make some history of your own! Look forward to seeing you on!

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