Skywars Updated 10/11/16

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Skywars Updated 10/11/16

Postby FerretJAcK » Tue Oct 11, 2016 1:20 am

Hello everyone!
Ferret here...

First off I found that we were having issues with our skywars plugin.
I was able to get a plugin that works a lot better and has a ton of other features.
We still have our six custom maps for the server.
They are all working.
This new plugin adds so many new features!
Not only does it add holographic displays for the #1 ranks it also adds one for player stats.
We also have kits, items, and a Mystery Box!
When you join the server you will also see along the sides are top three ranks for six areas of play.
If you have any suggestions for special chests to be added or any other suggestions let me know.

Say you want a special chest? Well if you want one added we can name it and add as many items as we want and have a min and max of items in the chest that will randomly appear! If you have these suggestions or any others for Skywars please go to the Skywars forum and post a topic!

I hope you all enjoy and play Skywars!


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